Uzina Tirana

Slide LEARN MORE “Uzina Tirana” is a new project being constructed along the “Dritan Hoxha” street (next to “ish-Uzina” Tirana, Lapraka). Positioned in one of the most accessible points of the capital, this project offers easier movement and convenience in your daily life.

The construction of “Uzina Tirana” is organized in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Construction of a residential facility, which is concluded.

Phase 2: Construction of 4 other residential facilities, which are expected to be concluded in 2025.

To guarantee a safe way of living, the first facility was constructed conform European models and standards, a model which is also being applied in the second phase of the project. “Uzina Tirana” consists of buildings with 7 and 9 floors (8 residential and 1 for services) and 2 floors of underground parking. In total there will be 96 apartments and 115 parking spaces.
Apartment Type 1+1 (Kati 2-3-4-5)

Total area: 59.47 m2

Apartment 1 Type 2+1 (Kati 2-3)

Total area: 127.51m2

Apartment 2 Type 2+1 (Kati 5-6)

Total area: 116.48m2

Apartment 4 Type 2+1 (Kati 6)

Total area: 121.38m2

Apartment 5 Type 2+1 (Kati 7)

Total area: 115.47m2