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Balfin Real Estate Services include:

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing services
  • Market Research
  • Hospitality Services
  • Management of Mixed Use Developments
  • Property Financing
  • Advisory services

Balfin Real Estate is headquartered in Tirana and is part of the Balfin Group, the largest investment group in Albania and one of the strongest groups in the region.

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Our professional team dedicates its passion to provide you high quality services with incomparable market standards.
With a current portfolio of about 250 million € including selected properties in Albania and abroad, with a considerable client database and important partners in real estate markets including Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Germany and other countries, we offer a guaranteed success.

The customer journey does not end at the moment a client buys a villa or an apartment. The after-sales journey is very important for us since we aim to build a long-term relationship and continuous engagement with our customers. Since our clients are very valuable to us, we take care to establish trust and provide an excellent after-sales service, which gives them a high level of satisfaction.

Real Estate

Maximizing the return on your investment and property lifetime value is our main focus. To achieve this goal, we cover the whole cycle of property management and offer a full set of services, from rental to daily maintenance.

Our in-depth knowledge of property combined with our customer-oriented approach, empowers us to offer best-in-class management services and a high professional experience to our clients and visitors.

We provide real estate owners, credible and accurate pricing information for their investment properties. We support them to identify and highlight their properties strengths and find the opportunities which add value to their assets. The ultimate goal is to support our clients to be ahead of market changes.

Marketing Services

Thanks to the organizational structure composed of a dedicated and specialized staff with a long experience in marketing & communication, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality offers its full potential to support all companies and individuals, aiming to achieve in time their demands and objectives.

Our marketing team provides strategies and communication plans by adding additional values to your business and guaranteeing in this way successful results. Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality offers:

  • Marketing strategy conception and implementation;
  • Communication plan and project implementation;
  • Public Relations;
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management;

Promotion in areas with high visibility and intensive customer walk-in

Market Research

Market Research plays a crucial role in the decision-making processes by providing useful and accurate data to the decision-makers. To understand the customer needs, the market share, the competitors positioning, you need to stay informed with reliable news and up-to-date information. We find solutions that meet your specific needs, by providing the depth insights of our professional brokers combined with the latest real estate market intelligence by gaining essential data, news and the latest analytics insights, and stay ahead of the market.

Hospitality Services

Our hospitality experts have a long and deep experience in all areas of this industry and use the right approach to offer real and cost-effective strategies and solutions. We are specialized in the development and management of premium resorts and hotels, and are committed to make every trip a quintessential vacation experience. For us the hospitality is a top priority and we make all the efforts to lead our guests in the best treatments and services journey.

Management of Mixed Use Developments

We are the very first company in Albania that operates in the mixed use development industry thanks to our diversified property portfolio. Standing on our reputation and expertise, we can offer customized real estate solutions for clients with various needs and desires. Operating in this field, we approach different customer typologies and target groups such as free hold owners, shared ownership customers, tourists renting villas, tenants – business unit promenade hosting also beach visitors. We offer to our customers a good value for money, premium services packages, diversified products & services in full of life resorts, and wide range of vacation products. Vacation Exchange is a unique product that we are offering for the first time in Albania, in collaboration with a well-known international company.

Property Financing

In collaboration with our partner banks in Albania, we offer competitive financing options to our clients, at the most favorable interest rates. We provide financing facilities by covering the collateral even before the end of the property construction. Any Albanian or foreign citizen can apply as an individual, company, employed or self-employed.

Advisory services

From consultation to closing deals, our professionals are dedicated to achieve optimal results for our clients. We identify right away your needs and follow a personalized approach for each particular case. For us, every customer is considered unique and is treated with a particular attention.

We are:  The Partner you can trust!

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Renting Program

Renting Program is a service that is offered to all Balfin Real Estate property portfolio clients, by a dedicated and experienced team that aims to provide high and quick return on investment.In addition to providing regular income, we also take care of home maintenance and the best possible accommodation.

With a substantial database of customers offering the highest standard of professionalism, not only in the process of purchasing, but also in the management, sale or rental of properties and projects in the real estate market, this platform turns into the investor’s dream of returning investment (ROI) through our rental program.

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Vacation Ownership

Shared holiday ownership gives holiday makers the opportunity to purchase a lifetime of holiday at today’s prices.

Purchasers aspiring to a second home lifestyle can afford it by buying shared holiday ownership properties without the financial commitment of a wholly owned second home purchase.