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Balfin Real Estate Services include:

  • Expertise on sales and resales
  • Marketing services
  • Advisory services

Balfin Real Estate is headquartered in Tirana and is part of the Balfin Group, the largest investment group in Albania and one of the strongest groups in the region.

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Expertise on sales and resales

What differentiates Balfin Real Estate on the market is the expertise it offers in selling and re-selling your property. For you who are looking to buy a property or you want to sell your property, we guarantee that with us, you will meet your goal at the most optimal and timely price. Our professional team is dedicated in providing you with high quality and unmatched standards of services in the market, working with maximum passion and dedication. Our experts will be your guides, working with high professionalism throughout the process, until successfully finalizing it.
With a current portfolio of about 250,000,000 Euro, with properties selected in Tirana and abroad, with a wide database of clients and with important partners in the field of real estate in Albania and in some countries of the world (Kosovo, North Macedonia, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, etc.) we are confident that success with us is guaranteed.


  • Buying and selling of both commercial and residential properties
  • Renting and leasing
  • Management of premium properties
  • Renting Program and Timeshare

Marketing Services

Thanks to the specialized structure made up of dedicated staff with long experience in the field of marketing, Balfin Real Estate provides all the necessary facilities to assist all businesses or individuals in meeting their requirements and objectives in time.
The Marketing Team offers research and analysis in developing and improving product, strategy and communication plans by giving valuable property values and guaranteeing successful results generation.

Marketing services managed by our experts include:

  • Marketing strategy conception and implementation
  • Communication plan and project implementation
  • Public relations
  • Digital marketing and social media management
  • Market research services in real estate
  • Promotion in areas with high visibility and intensive customer walk-in

Advisory services

Balfin Real Estate supports all businesses or individuals by providing custom consultancy services.
We accurately and quickly identify your needs and have a personalized approach to each case. The team of available professionals will enable you expertise in order to meet your goals and maximize your profits.
For us, each customer is unique and handled with special care, focusing on his specific demand and offering the most optimal solution.
We are your ally who guarantees success!


  • Business plan generation for different projects
  • Market study and analysis
  • Property appraisal
  • Property management to guarantee a quick return on investment
  • Property maintenance in cooperation with expert companies
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Renting Program

Renting Program is a service that is offered to all Balfin Real Estate property portfolio clients, by a dedicated and experienced team that aims to provide high and quick return on investment.In addition to providing regular income, we also take care of home maintenance and the best possible accommodation.

With a substantial database of customers offering the highest standard of professionalism, not only in the process of purchasing, but also in the management, sale or rental of properties and projects in the real estate market, this platform turns into the investor’s dream of returning investment (ROI) through our rental program.

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Vacation Ownership

Shared holiday ownership gives holiday makers the opportunity to purchase a lifetime of holiday at today’s prices.

Purchasers aspiring to a second home lifestyle can afford it by buying shared holiday ownership properties without the financial commitment of a wholly owned second home purchase.