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Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality is part of Balfin Group.

Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality comes with a direct focus in all services related to real estate market by offering a new expertise in the market.

The purchase of a real estate is an important decision for every one of us. It’s a new long term investment that grants to the property buyer a comfortable living and expected profit in the future. For Balfin Real Estate this means a bigger responsibility and a new devotion in identifying accurately the customer needs and providing a tailored services package that fulfills their need at the best.

Balfin Real Estate and Hospitality offers for sales premium real estate properties for both Albanians and international buyers. With a portfolio of 250 million € and a considerable client database, it offers the highest standard in professionalism not limited to the selling process, but also in the management, rental and real estate projects.

With the increased importance of tourism, Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality brings in our market new standards, initiatives and new platforms in the hospitality services by becoming in this way, one of the few companies offering expertise in this area.

Among the services provided by Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, there are included other services such as marketing, market research, property financing, management of mixed-use development projects, advisory services, etc.

The portfolio of Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality is expanding with new projects and partnerships with several investors. Currently our main important projects, part of Balfin Group are:

  •  Green Coast Resort and Residences
  •  Vala Mar Residences
  •  Park Gate
  •  Rolling Hills
  •  Ambassador 2
  •  Ambassador 3
  •  Colina Verde
  • Urban Limit


The Partner you can trust!


Our vision is to be a regional guiding leader in offering expertise and quality services in real estate and hospitality sector.


To simplify the life of our individual or business customers through the full range of services of real estate and hospitality market, starting from the research and advice for purchasing a real estate, finding the right property and the maximum support for the property management, to hospitality services and the management of mixed-use developments.


  • Integrity
  • Orientation towards the client
  • Consortium
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility

Why choose Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality?

  1.  Part of Balfin Group
  2.  Experience in the real estate market (residential and commercial)
  3.  A property portfolio of 250 million €
  4.  A large database of clients
  5.  Record of transactions of considerable amounts (about 60 Million € average yearly turnover)
  6.  Management of all processes
  7.  Property advice based on market research
  8.  Sales, Management and after sales property maintenance
  9.  Marketing advisory
  10.  Advisory and renting brokerage
  11.  High quality standard services in tourism and hospitality
  12.  Internal and dedicated staff with expertise on different fields
  13.  Innovative products and services for the real estate market in region, such as the Renting Program, “Time Share” Program, and the Ownership Vacation Program.