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Balfin Group is present in the field of commercial and residential real estate for nearly 15 years and today has a very large portfolio of assets in possession.

Balfin Real Estate Company, as a new branch of Balfin Group, comes with a more direct focus on selling and marketing real estate and various assets, offering a new expertise in this market.

Buying a real estate property is an important decision for any of us. It is a long-term investment that provides the buyers of this property with a better living or expected future profits. This for Balfin Real Estate means a greater responsibility and a new dedication in creating new and innovative products for real estate market in Albania, accurate identification of customer needs and providing a personalized service package, which best meets their requirements.

Balfin Real Estate offers for sale real estate premium space for Albanian and international buyers. With a current portfolio of 250 million euros and a substantial customer database, it offers the highest standard of professionalism, not only in the buying process, but also in the management, sale or rental of properties and projects in the market real estate.

Balfin Real Estate portfolio is expanding with new projects and collaborations with various investors. At present, our most important projects, as part of the Balfin group, are:

  • Green Coast Resort
  • Vala Mar Residence
  • Park Gate
  • Rolling Hills
  • Ambasador 2
  • Ambasador 3

 Our vision

Our vision is to be a guide in providing expertise and quality services in the field of real estate.

 Our mission

Facilitate the livelihoods of our customers whether they are individuals or businesses, through the full range of services pertaining to the real estate market, starting from consultancy for buying a property, and further pursuing finding suitable property and supporting maximum for the management of that property.


  • Integrity
  • Orientation towards the client
  • Consortium
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility

Why choose Balfin Real Estate 

  • Part of Balfin Group:
  • Experience in the real estate market (residential and commercial);
  • Property Portfolio of 250,000,000 Euro;
  • Broad customer database;
  • Historically significant transactions (approximately EUR 50 million annual average turnover);
  • Management of all processes:
  • Property Consultancy based on market studies;
  • Sales and aftermarket necessary management;
  • Marketing consulting;
  • Consultancy and mediation for renting / leasing;
  • Dedicated internal staff with expertise in marketing and sales;
  • Innovative products for the real estate market, such as the Renting Program and Time Share.