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Balfin Real Estate supports all businesses or individuals by providing custom consultancy services.

We accurately and quickly identify your needs and have a personalized approach to each case. The team of available professionals will enable you expertise in order to meet your goals and maximize your profits.

For us, each customer is unique and handled with special care, focusing on his specific demand and offering the most optimal solution.

We are your ally who guarantees success!


What differentiates Balfin Real Estate on the market is the expertise it offers in selling and re-selling your property. For you who are looking to buy a property or you want to sell your property, we guarantee that with us, you will meet your goal at the most optimal and timely price. Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with high quality and unmatched standard of service in the market, working with maximum passion and dedication. Our experts will be your guides, working with high professionalism throughout the process, until successfully finalizing it.