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“Balkan Finance Investment Group”, (BALFIN Group) is one of the most signi­ficant and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans, with a non-consolidated gross revenue of €750 million in 2021. BALFIN Group is a trustworthy partner applying the highest business and ethical standards, with experience and expertise in several industries, great ­financial capitals, outstanding human resources, and a rigorous focus on innovation. The Group operates in various industries such as: real estate, retail, mining and smelting industry, banking, tourism, energy, logistics, etc. On the other hand, by applying the highest global business principles and speaking the local language, all group companies are unquestionable leaders in their respective enterprises, thus making BALFIN Group a commended and applauded partner for a large number of signi­ficant international companies and ­financial institutions. BALFIN Group was founded in 1993 in Vienna by Mr. Samir Mane, and is currently located and operating in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Netherlands. The Group has 6,242 employees, whose dedication and passion remain key to BALFIN Group’s success story. BALFIN Group has made constant progress in overall growth by upgrading standards and shifting towards sustainability. Through economic development, employment opportunities, innovation, and social involvement, BALFIN Group challenges the status quo, fostering a positive impact on communities.

Corporate Culture

BALFIN Group is an organization that aims to create comfortable ground for economies, businesses, and people to grow and perform better. We invest in innovation, outstanding services, and the highest ethical and business standards.

Through our sustainable operations, we create value for our shareholders and communities. BALFIN Group’s values are an integral part of the organization so that all our employees, in all Group’s companies, can work and succeed together. BALFIN Group takes corporate culture and our values to heart, and we believe that the way we achieve results is of the same importance as the results themselves.


Group is a pioneer in the creation of retail chains by proposing to clients’ quality brands and products at the best prices. The group’s retail activities are concentrated in electronics, fashion, food retail, groceries, department stores, etc.

In all these years, BALFIN Group has shown its capacities in managing and growing in the retail sector in the Western Balkans. Today, BALFIN Group is one of the most influential groups in the retail industry operating in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Real Estate

Real Estate activities of BALFIN Group date since the year 2000. Nowadays, BALFIN Group is among the most distinguished investors in the real estate development realm in the Western Balkan countries.

BALFIN Group is focused on the construction and management of residential facilities, shopping malls, touristic residences, business and commercial buildings, and industrial spaces.

BALFIN Group is assiduously involved with its real estate activities in Albania, Austria and North Macedonia.


Balfin Group has made significant investments in the mining sector.

Since 2018, the Group’s experience has extended to Kosovo as it gained possession of the Ferronickel complex in Drenas, revitalizing the industry through new investments and technology enhancement, which are a guarantee for increased production and job growth. NewCo Ferronikeli is the largest exporter of Kosovo and one of the largest producers of Nickel in Europe.



BALFIN Group made its debut in the banking industry in 2019, by acquiring Tirana Bank. The Group’s approach to this industry stands on the “real banking” philosophy, which means providing real solutions to real needs and achieving tangible results.

Our business model is based on central support through local expertise, providing our local clients with a wide commercial offer. As a locally owned bank, we have our customers’ long terms needs and views in focus, and are therefore a much more stable bank.



BALFIN Group has always had a consistent focus to tourism development projects and offering unique and meaningful experiences, especially in Albania. Our tourism strategy is to accelerate hotel developments, through both organic growth and partnerships with world leading brands.

Our aim is to take a more selective approach to this sector, based on luxury, lifestyle, resorts and residential areas. The first company to introduce in Albania the Hospitality Smart Investment through Renting Program, Vacation Exchange and Timeshare Experience. The Group’s activities have significantly improved the offer of Western Balkan Region in this industry.



To BALFIN Group education is the most powerful investment for the future. Qualitative education can put people and communities on a path towards wellness, empowerment and employment.

Human Capital

BALFIN Group is among the largest employers in the private sector in Albania. In all our group companies work approximately 6,000 people and around 4000 employed indirectly.

Our group development strategy is focused on the development of our employees play a key role because they are the driving power for the successes achieved by the BALFIN Group. Investing in our employees’ professional development has made their promotion a continuous practice in BALFIN Group’s companies.

Professional Development

As a BALFIN Group employee, you will have the possibility to grow in your career and to evolve professionally thus giving your continuous contribution towards the Group’s further progress. BALFIN Group invests in the professional training and development of employees through its focused development programs.

Professional agencies are hand-picked to conduct technical, leadership, and managerial training on a regular basis. We provide professional development opportunities to devoted, high performing employees who demonstrate potential for progress, allowing them to advance to new career levels. This process takes place in a variety of settings, including the classroom, online and on-the-job training, where employees are motivated to interact, improve their skills, exchange experiences and ideas, facilitate solutions, etc.



  • Approximately 6.000 people work in all BALFIN Group companies.
  • Non-consolidated Total Group Assets: € 1.65 billion in 2021.
  • Neptun International is the chain of consumer electronics operating in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo.
  • QTU and TEG are respectively the first and the largest shopping malls in Albania.
  • KidZone is present in 4 countries, with 21 Jumbo superstores, offering more than for every buyer persona.
  • SPAR is the largest international chain of supermarkets in Albania serving more than 35.000 clients daily.
  • Non-consolidated gross revenue of over € 750 million in 2021.
  • Enterprise Value of all BALFIN Group companies: € 740 million in 2021.
  • Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality manages a wide portfolio of assets of approximately € 830 million.
  • From 2019, BALFIN Group is present in the as the sole shareholder of Tirana Bank.
  • Approximately € 53 million taxes paid in 2021.
  • East Gate Mall located in Skopje, is the largest shopping mall in the region.
  • New Co Ferronikeli is among the largest exporters Kosovo.
  • € 80 million: total Group investments for 2021.
  • Tirana East Gate, Skopje East Gate Mall and Univers Shopping Center had 11.5 million visitors during 2021.