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Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, Ermal Demaj, in an interview with Trailblazing Magazine, august 2021.

Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, Ermal Demaj, in an interview with Trailblazing Magazine, august 2021.

Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, Ermal Demaj, in an interview with Trailblazing Magazine, august 2021.

Trailblazing Magazine
August 2021

Interview with Ermal DEMAJ, Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality

Mr. Demaj, the Covid pandemic has turned our lives around and has presented new challenges for large industries and businesses. When it comes to the real estate market in Albania, what have been the challenges for the past year?

What you are stating is true. The Albanian businesses and the real estate sector have suffered as well. When the world stops, all transactions stop and people tent to keep money as close to them as possible, as a mean for the idea of security. This is the first challenges. Here at Balfin Real Estate and Hospitality we have overcome this in a large part, because of the level of trust that we have built over the years with our clients, old & new. To us, our client, is a partner forever and we always take care of our partners. Second, we most profoundly, nurture hope in our everyday activity as a company. So, hope that Covid shall pass, hope that we will get back better and stronger, and hope that life will triumph. That’s why, our success, cannot be explained unless you think of trust and hope between us and our clients, and a lot of hard work as a team. Thus, we may say it out loud that we have responded in time to changing market demands during the pandemic period.

How has your company managed to build such a large database of clients?

Yes, we do have a large database of clients. We have built it among other things, though a careful follow up in aftersales. As i said, we take care of our clients. First by understanding their needs and their plans, and second by crafting the best offer that suits them. Yet our database is not only large in numbers, but also in quality, for we have always introduced our clients to premium spaces. Although recently, we have decided to open up our portfolio to more middle-income families. Today, throughout our property listings, one might find all levels of prices and property categories so that no one visiting us, leaves unsatisfied. Of course, this has led to more people joining our team and more people visiting our offices and to find what they need. Most importantly: we offer customized products to our clients, such as support in financing options and opportunities, property management on behalf of the owners and more.

Are Albanians particularly challenging clients compared to foreigners?

It is understandable to think of Albanians as people who are hard to please, yet it is understandable to me that Albanians are very peculiar clients. I have been in this business for long enough to understand that Albanians are not picky or spoiled clients, especially when it comes to buying a home. Albanians are people who have worked hard their entire life, sometimes the whole family, towards the goal of owning a home and it is totally fine for them to think of all details and consider all options before investing into a home of quality that probably will go down to be inherited by generations to come. As a team we are aware of this long-awaited moment for Albanian families and we are more than happy to be here for them. On the other hand, foreigners who are looking to purchase a property in Albania, are usually looking to make an investment, and we tend to be careful to arrange the best options for the business or endeavor that they have in mind.

What are the main projects you are working on currently?

Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality has built a name for itself, for some time now, though premium projects. The construction and real estate sector has progressed over the last years. With reference to the last decades, the quality-price ratio has been optimized. In this view, the quality of construction materials has increased, high expertise in contemporary design and development has been acquired, and costs are retained at affordable levels to the Albanian market and consumer. Our most prominent project, for a couple of years now, has been the notorious Green Coast Resort & Residences. Almost sold out now. We are literally selling our last units, probably the last 5% of units left. Huge success, immensely happy clients. Great investment with quick return.

And future projects?

Collina Verde is a project under development, given special care and which will provide a comfortable lifestyle, with the greenery view of Lundra hills, the fresh air, and the scenic landscapes. This project consists of a small number of villas suitable for small and large families, or for individuals who adhere for a quiet life and more privacy on the outskirts of the capital.

Rolling Hills Lakeside is comprised of premium villas and apartments which planned to welcome new residents of a selected community by Farka Lake. The quality of life will increase twofold by means of the high standard of the design and development, as well as the natural environment that will embrace every resident. Relaxing views of the greenery and the lake, family tranquility, and the dynamism of a central piazza with commercial units, services, coffee shops and recreational spaces, all brought together. All of this, provided at an acceptable price as compared to what is offered.

Univers City has been conceived as a new city within the concrete jungle. Univers City is located next to the Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU) and will consist of residential buildings suitable for everyone: young families, young couples, students or large families looking for bigger apartments with lower prices. This mini city will provide a comprehensive range of services, sufficient for an autonomous living within a community located very close to QTU, where the needs for food, clothing and entertainment can be adequately met. Spaces and sports facilities for healthy living will also be provided. Greenery will surround every corner of the complex. A public school for children and absolute security and privacy have been foreseen as well. The most crucial element of the project is the lowest market price for the optimal quality that is offered. Anyone who wants to have an apartment in Tirana, will no longer have to pay an arm and a leg, as Univers City welcomes everyone and fulfils every need for every family’s journey.

Green Coast Village is an exceedingly ambitious project, aiming at building the first tourist village with international tourism standards. Green Coast Village will be in Palasa, at proximity to the previous Green Coast project. This majestic project will consist of residences, several 4 and 5-star hotels as well as apartment complexes. There will be an abundance of recreational spaces, services, and entertainment units, for vacations and leisure throughout the year.

As one of the most prestigious projects, it is carried out by “Emre Arolat Architecture”, an international studio, with headquarters in New York, London, and Istanbul. This is the same studio that designed with splendid finesse the aforementioned project “Rolling Hills Lakeside”.

Green Coast Resort & Residences 2 will also be an expansion of the current project. In the wake of the success it represents, it has become now a unique destination and due to the quality of the project is generating higher demand for further development.




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