In the times we are living, being ecological has received more and more attention. Not only in the environment that surrounds us but also within the walls of our house. Here’s how to turn an apartment into an ecological one.

Let’s start with the living room decor. To make this change there is only one rule: stay in its originality while maintaining the authenticity of the apartment.

The living room should be furnished in such a way that it does not block sunlight from entering through the windows. Also, the paint used for the walls and ceiling must be non-toxic for the environment. The non-toxic paints used in these decorations have several advantages, as firstly they remove chemicals from the environment where we live in, especially for those people who suffer from allergies or have a high sensitivity to chemical materials. In this way, not only giving the appearance we want to the environment where we live in, but also protecting the planet as they are easier to dissolve in nature.

The moment we allow light to enter the apartment, we do not waste much electricity, but at the same time we create the impression of a larger space in the living room. This space is also helped by painting the walls with white or light color, adding light and warmth to the environment.

The floor of the room can be laid with bamboo parquet, which, in addition to being an ecological material, has many other advantages such as high resistance, a wide selection of colors and ease of cleaning. This parquet would also go well with a carpet made of an organic material not treated with chemicals but in a light colors.

Furniture can be second handed, easily found in thrift stores, as a way to be as economical as possible and help the recycling industry. However, for those who want new furniture according to the style they prefer, there is the possibility of decorating with furniture built with ecological materials such as wood, bamboo, organic cotton, recycled materials and many others.

And finally, the chosen lighting must be LED, this also to save energy.

All these details combined together will turn your house into an ecological and very comfortable house to live in and spend beautiful moments with the family.