Belvedere Korça

Slide Belvedere Korça is a residential and tourist complex with villas, designed between greenery and the tranquility of the “Rinia” (Youth) park in Korça. The villas come with an elegant blend of traditional and modern, giving residents comfort and a stylish lifestyle, for vacations or to live. The authentic architecture of Korça buildings blends best with the contemporary. The philosophy of the villas is “Passive House”, which makes possible high energy efficiency by utilizing sunlight for lighting and heating, air currents for ventilation and materials that enable temperature conservation.
The complete view of the city and the surrounding horizon enables a high investment value. Ideally positioned near the park “Rinia”, Belvedere Korça is located at a short distance from the main points of the city.

Vila Bora

Vila Dardha

Vila Vatra

Vila Serenata