The three days of Balfin Real Estate’s participation in the “International Property Show” in Dubai concluded with the award of a Certificate of Exhibition Excellence for the representation and contribution provided at this event.

During the three days, the World Trade Center Dubai brought together professionals, real estate agencies, developers, brokers, bankers, architects, and marketers from around the world. Balfin Real Estate presented a part of our coastal paradise through highly successful projects such as Green Coast, Vlora Marina, and Next to Vala Mar Premium. The Ionian coast and the Adriatic coast attracted the interest of many visitors participating in this fair, who considered Albania and Balfin Real Estate projects as a very potential market for real estate investment.

Among the many visitors and contacts from around the world, high-level conferences, agreements, and professional discussions, Balfin Real Estate also proved its high standard of professionalism and innovation at this fair. It was part of 77 international companies, real estate agencies, property developers, banks, and financial institutions that participated in the Dubai Exhibition this year. In three days of activity, the International Property Show was visited by more than 10,000 visitors, turning it into the world’s real estate information center.

The concept of mixed-use residences developed in the desert, incorporating all necessary services within them, has been embraced in Dubai for some time. Balfin Real Estate has been a promoter in providing this experience, developing complexes and concepts in line with this trend for several years.